Hope for the Road Marked With Suffering

Julie Blom

The road marked with suffering can be entered from many different points — loss of relationship, health, loved ones, job or safety. And while this journey is one many have been on, it can be very lonely and uncertain.

What are we to do with the wreckage that tragedy leaves in its wake?

There is hope to be found.

Whether you are the one experiencing loss or are close to someone who is, join us for this 10-day devotional. We will take a look at what Scripture has to say to us in places of pain as we wrestle with the honest reality of doubts, fears and questions.

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About the Author

Julie Blom has been a Cru staff member since 1996. Currently she serves with Lifelines, a Cru ministry that uses the outdoors to help people grow in relationship with God, in relationships with each other, in character and leadership.

Julie lives in the remote village of Port Alsworth, Alaska, where she and her family built their home and conducted ministry for the last five years. She enjoys driving a boat, baking her award-winning cinnamon rolls, hiking and creating community by gathering friends to play nerts — her favorite card game.

On December 7, 2016 a plane carrying her husband, Scott, and her two youngest children, Kaitlyn and Zach, went down in Lake Clark near their home. Her oldest two sons, Sam and Josh, now 19 and 20 respectively, are in college. For the last year Julie has walked “the road marked with suffering” as she has processed this immense loss.

Though life for Julie now involves creating a “new normal” in every way imaginable, she is facing each day as it comes, and is learning how to trust the Lord and find hope in the midst of it all.

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