Are You Sick and Tired of Boredom in Your Life? There’s Hope.

Lisa Haynes


“I’m so bored!” We’ve all heard this complaint, even from our own mouths.

Boredom is uncomfortable. We try to avoid it. Sometimes we do unwise or unhealthy things to stop the dullness. Other times, we get stuck in it.

Boredom is a signal. It tells you and the people around you that something needs to change. Too often, what changes is that we open our devices and mindlessly distract ourselves.

Distraction never lasts though. Even after hours of videos, games or texts, what we’re often left with once the screen dims is another dose of “Boring.”

Instead of finding another diversion, what if you paused and paid attention to your boredom signal? It could be a sign of dissatisfaction or restlessness in your life that is worth exploring.

Boredom has layers. It can be a feeling and a state of mind. We feel bored when we think we have nothing to do or when we aren’t interested in the options we have. We can also feel drained and impatient. We may feel trapped.

Boredom can make us lose focus. When we aren’t doing something we think is worthwhile, our ability to pay attention slips. At its worst, prolonged boredom can even make us question whether life has any meaning.

Sometimes you can control your environment and overcome what’s boring you. But other times, your boredom is about more than the monotony of the moment. That’s when you need some strategies for managing the blahs and some ideas for digging deeper into what’s behind the boredom.

Healthy Ways to Handle Boredom

  • Try a mental escape route. If you can’t escape your situation, you can control how you react to it. Focus on your attitude. What is there to be grateful for or curious about right now?
  • Reset your perspective. Sometimes we get so focused on the emotions of boredom that we forget to look for the opportunities right in front of us. For example, if you’re frustrated that your flight is late or your doctor is running behind, strike up a friendly conversation with someone waiting next to you. Making a social connection can turn your day around.
  • Get creative. Do you like to draw or knit or edit photos? Creative hobbies work wonders for the doldrums. Find one that you can take with you wherever you go and you’ll have a portable boredom-buster.
  • Look beyond yourself. At Cru, we believe God created and knows each of us. He has a plan for your life. Knowing how you are made and why you are here gives you a powerful sense of purpose that helps not only you but everyone you influence.

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