Sharing #FallingPlates

Sharing #FallingPlates couldn’t be easier. Simply send your friends a personal message with a link to FallingPlates.com and the website will do the rest.

You can text, tweet, snap, share or post it – it doesn’t matter.

The video and response mechanism has been dubbed/translated into many languages. So regardless of the language group of your target audience, you can share the good news with the click of a button.

  1. Message specific friends

    Start by sharing it with specific friends. Send them a personalized message you think will get them to want to watch the initial video. It could be as simple as:
    Hey _____! I just saw this video and was wondering what you would think of it. It’s only 4 minutes. Watch it and let me know what you think? http://www.fallingplates.com
    We recommend inviting about 30 friends to visit <www.FallingPlates.com>. Take breaks after every 10 or so names to pray for each person.

  2. Post the link or picture to Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/Twitter

    You may want to reach out to an even broader audience than your immediate friends, so post it to your various Social Media channels.

    Personalize it however you like and be creative. You can even share it with them in one of 12 languages.

    As people like or comment about your post, make sure you reply back to everyone who responds to you.

Language Title You can say something like this: (copy and paste into your comment box) Share on Twitter Share on Facebook
Armenian Ընկնողափսեներ    
Croatian #RazbijeniTanjuri "Pogledaj video #RazbijeniTanjuri Pogledaj ovaj šokantan video o vjeri 4 minute koje će te ostaviti bez teksta."
Danish #FaldendeTallerkner "Se #FaldendeTallerkner Se denne intense ""tros video"" 4 minutter, der vil efterlade et stærkt indtryk."
English #FallingPlates "Watch this SHOCKING faith video 4 minutes. SPEECHLESS Your faith will be stronger than ever"
French #Chutedassiettes "Découvrir #Chutedassiettes Du début à la fin, cette vidéo de 4 minutes te laissera sans souffle et éveillera ta foi"
Hungarian Hulló tányérok "Nézd meg a Zuhanó tányérok videót! Ha megnézed ezt a SOKKOLÓ négy perces videót, ELAKAD a szavad."
Indonesian #PiringBerjatuhan "Saksikan #PiringBerjatuhan tentang iman yang MENGEJUTKAN ini 4 menit yang akan membuat Anda tak bisa berkata-kata."
Italian #PiattiCheCadono "Visualizza #PiattiCheCadono Guarda questo video SCIOCCANTE sulla fede 4 minuti che vi lasceranno senza parole."
Lithuanian #KrintančiosLėkštės  
Polish #SpadająceTalerze "Obejrzyj film #SpadająceTalerze Obejrzyj ten PORUSZAJĄCY film o wierze 4 minuty, które odbiorą ci mowę."
Portuguese #PratosCaindo "Assista #PratosCaindo Assista a este vídeo CHOCANTE de fé 4 minutos que vão deixar você SEM PALAVRAS."
Spanish #PlatosCayendo "Mira #PlatosCayendo Mira este IMPACTANTE video sobre fe 4 minutos que te dejaran sin PALABRAS."

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