Have you ever wanted to share the gospel with someone, but struggled to know how to start? We have developed a tool specifically for you.

#FallingPlates is a strategy centered around a 4-minute gospel video – but it’s so much more than that. When your friends watch the video on FallingPlates.com, they will be given an opportunity to respond to Jesus’ question, “Will you follow me?” They will also have a chance to receive some of the best follow-up resources that we’ve curated for wherever they are on their spiritual journey.

It’s that simple. You desire to see life-change in your friends and #FallingPlates is a natural way to engage them in a conversation about Jesus.

Pray for your friends and see how God moves.

Share With Your Friends

Share With Your Friends

Starting this journey with your friends is easy. Whether you like to text, tweet, snap, share or post – all you need to do is get a link into their hands, and the website will do the rest.

Host a Share Party

Host a Share Party

Another great idea is to get a group together and host a Share Party. Everyone posts the video to their own social media channels, but you can work together to respond as people have questions or want to know more.

Learn More About Share Parties

Available in Many Languages

Armenian: ԸնկնողափսեներItalian: #PiattiCheCadono
French: #ChutedassiettesLithuanian: #KrintančiosLėkštės
Croatian: #RazbijeniTanjuriPolish: #SpadająceTalerze
Danish: #FaldendeTallerknerPortuguese: #PratosCaindo
English: #FallingPlatesSpanish: #PlatosCayendo
Hungarian: Hulló tányérokIndonesian: #PiringBerjatuhan

How It Works

You’re probably sharing videos anyway, why not share one that contains the life-changing message of the gospel? When your friends watch the video, they will encounter the life-changing message of Jesus.
As the video ends, while the message is still fresh on their minds, everyone is asked how they will respond.
We provide some great next steps to grow in their understanding of God – regardless of their response to His call.
We’ve made it easy for anyone to share the content. So they can turn around and share the good news with others.

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