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Leading Small Groups

Where do you begin leading a bible study or small group? These articles will guide you through the essentials of a bible study and tips for creating an atmosphere where people can get the most out of scripture. 

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Small Group Icebreakers

Icebreakers encourage people to get to know each other. Here are 15 ideas for icebreakers you can use at your next small group gathering.


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Small Group Lesson Template

Here is a quick-guide for preparing a Small Group lesson. Cut it out and keep it in your Bible so you always have it on-hand.


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When Spiritual Seekers Join Your Bible Study

Creating an atmosphere where believers and spiritual seekers can engage in discussions about Jesus.


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7 Steps to Improve Your Bible Study

Learn to see familiar Bible passages with new eyes in seven simple steps. Great steps to walk through with your bible study. 


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8 Simple Bible Study Tools for Women

What is the secret to a great Bible study? Keeping it simple. Studying the Bible does not have to be complicated. It’s about drawing people into the heart of the Word and letting God work in their lives. Read more about simple tools to use in your bible study. 

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Questions About the New Testament

This article is by no means exhaustive on the subject but addresses some of the most common questions concerning the New Testament.

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How To Read the Bible

Struggling to read the bible? Want a new way to engage in scripture? Check out this article to help you deepen your relationship with the Lord while looking at scripture in a new way.

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Backstory on the iPad

Keith Davy demonstrates how to effectively share the gospel using our coolest format on Apple's coolest gadget.


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A Women’s Group That Fulfills a Generous Vision

Allison Lee had dreamt of being part of a women’s group that did more than study and play together. Though she appreciated traditional study groups, she decided to launch a unique group of her own.

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How to Take On the Old Testament & Not Die Trying

Seminary professor Dr. Mark Futato answers our questions about overcoming our struggles with reading the Old Testament.


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