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8 Simple Bible Study Tools for Women

Debbie McGoldrick July 10, 2015
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What is the secret to a great Bible study? Keeping it simple.

Studying the Bible does not have to be complicated. It’s about drawing people into the heart of the Word and letting God work in their lives.

I started the Neighborhood Bible Study 2 GO movement and the results have been remarkable. Our website is designed to encourage and equip you, whether you’re a new or seasoned believer, with simple tips and tools to begin Bible studies with neighbors, classmates, work associates, and friend groups.

One of the most transferable materials available are the easy-to-remember acrostic Bible studies that allow you to quickly dive deep into God’s Word. This unique method is revolutionizing how women from teenagers to seniors are discovering Scripture individually and in small groups. The simplicity, depth and transferability are absolutely contagious. While the concept of this method is profoundly simple, the results are simply profound.

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You can download any of the 8 acrostic Bible studies – LIGHT (LUCES in Spanish), MOMMY, TRUST, SPACE, LISTEN, BUILD, FAITH, QUILT – complete with student and leader guides.

Our desire is to collect, house, and share on these acrostic Bible studies in a variety of languages (German, Arabic and additional Spanish translations are in process). If you have a heart to translate an acrostic into your native language, please do so. My only request is that you send it to me at so I can format it and share with our growing NBS2GO movement.

Our passion is to expand Cru’s multiplying strategy of win, build, and send into neighborhoods. Our Great Commission motto is “GOing to all nations! GOing into all neighborhoods!”

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