Bill Bright

The following questions will help you review this Step. If necessary, reread the appropriate lesson (s).

Complete the following statements:
True obedience to God is not...

True obedience to God really is...

How is your obedience expressed in the following:
Your attitude toward God's will?

The sexual purity of your life?

The degree of satisfaction you find in your possessions?

Your courage in witnessing for Christ?

Your speech?

The true motivation for your actions?


Describe the result of a young child's obedience to his parents. Compare it to a Christian's relationship with his Heavenly Father.

How has your obedience to God benefited your life?

Life Application

List the area from this study that concerns you the most.


Review the verses that pertain to that area, then write down at least three ways you can grow in that area.

Commit this area to the Lord. Ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit and to help you grow in this area. Write down any comments after your prayer.


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