Study Abroad

Vision - Study Abroad

Further Your Education. Further God's Kingdom.

Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime adventure! Immersing yourself in another culture while earning credit toward your degree is hard to beat, but what if you could make your semester abroad even more significant? As a study abroad student, you are uniquely positioned to be a true insider on your foreign campus and share the good news with your peers in very relational ways.

Go to the Nations

We want to invite you to study abroad and live on mission anywhere in the world. Whether you go with a team of students, join a group of local missionaries, or receive virtual coaching, you will play an active role in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Cru will give you the resources and connections you need to advance God’s Kingdom as you further your academic career abroad. We guarantee your life will be changed forever.

Study Abroad

To give you greater flexibility, Cru will direct your missions experience while allowing you to go academically through a separate study abroad provider or exchange program.

On Mission

You can look forward to a great semester walking with Jesus and sharing your faith as you receive ongoing mentoring, engage new friends in spiritual conversations, and help launch movements of believers.

“I would have never thought a semester abroad would have been one of the most fruitful seasons of my life. I’ve heard of so many people that come back from semesters abroad spiritually drained and at a loss of hope, but being able to get school credit while building disciples came almost naturally.”

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