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FAQ - Mission Trips

How does the academic aspect work?

Cru provides for and directs your mission experience, while other organizations coordinate your academics. This strategy gives you more flexibility and helps to ensure that you return with the highest possible number of credits toward your degree.

When applicable, we will direct you to a specific university that is most strategic for ministry, and we often recommend a certain study abroad provider as well. If not, you can choose the program or university that best fits your needs. Please note that it is your responsibility to manage the academic aspects of your trip, applying separately to Cru Study Abroad as well as an independent academic program.

Remember, you must apply separately through a qualified academic program or direct exchange through your university.

What does a typical week look like?

It will be very similar to a week on your home campus: classes, studying, spending time with friends, Bible study, etc. Oh, and exploring an exciting new city and culture! Plus, you will actively engage in ministry activities, receive personal development from a coach, and share your faith throughout the week.

What will ministry look like?

Studying abroad makes you a true insider on your campus and gives you an incredible opportunity to share the gospel in very relational ways. You can look forward to building intentional friendships, having meaningful spiritual conversations, and helping launch new movements of believers! Plan to spend about 10-15 hours per week on ministry-related activities.

Here is a general overview of how you will focus your time during your semester:

  • First few weeks: Learn about your new campus and pray for opportunities to reach your peers.
  • Throughout the semester: Build natural relationships and initiate spiritual conversations.
  • Before leaving: Share the gospel with new friends.
  • After returning home: Remain connected with students you befriended and continue to pray for them.

Will I receive any discipleship or development?

Yes! When you study abroad on mission with Cru, it’s not just about serving and studying. Throughout the semester, your coach will guide you through our Study Abroad Playbook filled with valuable articles, exercises and assignments geared specifically toward helping students like you have a great semester walking with Jesus and sharing your faith while overseas! Your training will focus on five key areas:

  1. Love the Lord
  2. Live in Community
  3. Launch a Movement
  4. Learn a New World
  5. Excel Academically

Your coach will also be there to care for, encourage, and pray for you personally throughout your time abroad and you can look forward to being challenged and encouraged in your faith.

Can I recruit my friends to go with me?

ABSOLUTELY! What better way is there to spend a semester of your college experience than studying abroad on mission in an awesome location with your friends? Grab your buddies and go!

What is a good timeline for planning to study abroad?

Some students begin the process a year or more in advance, but that timeline can be shortened if necessary. We recommend you start planning right away!

Sample schedule:

  • 6-12 months out: Explore options, meet with your academic advisor and ask the Lord for guidance.
  • 4-8 months out: Decide where to go and commit to being on mission while you study abroad.
  • 3-6 months out: Apply separately to Cru Study Abroad and your academic program.
  • After acceptance: Prepare for your trip logistically, academically and spiritually.

How much does Cru Study Abroad cost?

A $75 materials fee is all that’s required to participate in Cru Study Abroad. Before you leave, you’ll receive  a toolkit with various books and ministry tools to use during your semester abroad.

Do students have to be involved with Cru at my home university?

No! All missionally-minded students are welcome to join us and strongly encouraged to apply.

What is the application process like?

You will complete an online application and provide contact information for references. After reviewing your application and references, we will contact you by phone to get to know you a bit and later notify you regarding your acceptance.

Note: You must apply separately through a qualified academic program or direct exchange through your university.

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