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Prague, Czech Republic

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Beautiful gothic architecture, cobblestone streets, the Charles Bridge and a castle on a hill are just a few of the amazing sites awaiting you in this well-preserved capital city.

Called the “Heart of Europe,” the Czech Republic attracts top students from across Eastern Europe to its universities. Yet sadly, this nation is vastly post-Christian and secular in heart and soul. Perceiving Christianity as merely an institutional religion with a difficult and confusing history, Czechs have become disillusioned by the institution of the church and have embraced atheism as their worldview.

So, where do the Czech people find meaning and purpose in life? They turn to themselves and look to trusted friends to find this significance. In this openness to finding trusted friends springs opportunity. Through the context of real friendship, Czech students are open to engaging in real conversation and hearing what it means to know Jesus in a very personal way.

In the golden city of Prague, with its historic towers and bridges, the time has come to build towers of hope and bridges of relationship in the name of Jesus Christ. Studying here will provide you countless opportunities to start spiritual conversation with Czech and foreign students and share Christ’s love with them…something most of them have never heard or understood before.


Where can I study?

Cru is currently active on two campuses: University of Economics, Prague, a top economics school in Eastern Europe, and Czech Technical University. However, Prague is relatively small, its universities are close together and our Cru movement is looking to grow. So, there are a number of other options including Charles University (founded in 1348) and University of New York in Prague which will also allow you to serve with Cru.

What types of classes can I take?

Prague universities offer a wide variety of programs and coursework that will count toward most degrees. We encourage you to research academic programs and speak with your study abroad office regarding the university and class selection that is right for you.

When can I go?

Fall and spring semester dates vary by the study abroad program and university you select. However, semester dates are generally similar to those in the United States.

What kind of ministry will I be doing?

You will be serving alongside a STINT team of recent graduates to reach college and high school students with the gospel. This may include conducting spiritual interest surveys, meeting up with Czech students who are open to spiritual topics and helping with various outreaches. In general, Czech students love to hang out with Americans, so it is very easy to connect and build relationships!

One of the coolest ministry activities you will be involved with is the Language Center run by Cru in Prague where we offer conversation classes, clubs and one-on-one conversations with native English speakers to Czech students interested in improving their English. Each semester, there are about 150-200 students registered, and these classes provide a natural bridge to sharing the gospel as we develop lasting relationships. You don’t need any teaching experience, only the ability to speak English yourself and a heart to serve and reach the lost.

You will act as a student leader in our growing movement and can expect to invest ten to fifteen hours per week into ministry and your own spiritual and personal development.

Where will I live?

You will live on or close to campus either in a dormitory or homestay. Either way, you will be living in the heart of the city and passing historical sites daily.

Will there be a language barrier?

Not really. Your personal ministry will be in English as most students speak it well enough to have meaningful spiritual conversations. Plus, being a native English speaker will actually help you meet students who want to improve their language skills talking with you.

How much will this cost?

Costs vary depending on the university and study abroad program you choose.

When is the application deadline?

  • For fall semesters, please apply here by August 1st.
  • For spring semesters, please apply here by December 1st.
  • For summer terms, please apply here by May 1st.
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