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Nicosia, Cyprus

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The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is a country of contrasts between a Turkish Muslim north and a Greek Orthodox south. The capital Nicosia is one of the oldest cities in the Western world, rich history and culture.

In 1974, a Turkish invasion divided Cyprus into Greek and Turkish sides with separate governments. Once closed off, there are now several crossing points for exploring the Turkish side of Cyprus. The Cru ministry is based on the southern Greek side of Nicosia. Cyprus is at the meeting point between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and Nicosia is a diverse and very international city. Approximately 10,000 students study in Nicosia, primarily Cypriot and European. Students are drawn to Nicosia for its international flavor, amazing history, wonderful Mediterranean climate, and beautiful beaches.


Where can I study?

You will be studying at University of Nicosia. With a mixture of Cypriot and International students, it is a great place to study!

What types of classes can I take?

University of Nicosia offers a diverse range of academic programs. Visit University of Nicosia Global Semesters or check with your study abroad office for a complete list.

When can I go?

Approximate dates for the Fall 2016 semester are September 26th to December 19th. For Spring 2017, they are February through end of May.

What kind of ministry will I be doing?

You will be part of helping launch a Cru student movement at University of Nicosia! A Movement happened in the book of Acts and can also happen at UNic by the power of the Holy Spirit and through students who have a heart for God and people. You will be pioneering a new movement by committing 5-10 hours each week to praying for the campus, talking with students about God using Soularium (or other evangelism tools), looking for Christian students who have a heart for God and evangelism, and challenging them to join the adventure of starting a spiritual movement at their school. You will have a coach to walk alongside you through this and help you grow as a disciple and a leader. And like Paul in the book of Acts, when you leave a movement will continue on!

Where will I live?

Check out University of Nicosia Global Semesters for more information, or contact your study abroad office.

Will there be a language barrier?

No! University of Nicosia offers all classes in English. The primary language of the country is Greek, but English is widely spoken and understood especially among the younger generation.

How much does this cost?

Visit University of Nicosia Global Semesters for more information, or visit your university’s study abroad office to discuss options.

When is the application deadline?

  • For fall semesters, please apply here by August 1st.
  • For spring semesters, please apply here by December 1st.
  • For summer terms, please apply here by May 1st.

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