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I Think Today Will Be the Most Amazing Day of My Life!

October 14, 2016
레드 일본 스타일 클래식 자전거 빈티지 필터 효과, 공원

What a life-altering month it has been.  

About two weeks ago my teammates and I were heading home after a long day on campus meeting students and were casually riding our bikes back to our apartment talking about all the new people we had met. 

I noticed a guy riding his bike in front of me, swerving back and forth, smiling to himself and singing; looked like a fun guy! I kept feeling the Holy Spirit push me to catch up to him and meet him but I stayed back with my friends and continued our conversations.

As we continued our short journey back home (which is a lot of twists and turns) I noticed that this guy was taking the same route as us; I kept thinking how I should catch up to him and realized the Holy Spirit was prodding me; so I sped up on my new bike and caught up to him. I met Vic and asked if he wanted to exchange WeChat information to be friends. He told me it would be his absolute honor to meet a foreign student! 

Over the next two weeks we met and hung out and finally after much spiritual conversation I was able to share the Gospel with him. He soaked in every word and at the end of our lunch accepted Jesus Christ into his heart and shook with absolute excitement.  

When leaving lunch, we were both overcome with joy from the Spirit in this new relationship and I was so ecstatic to have such a wonderful new brother in Christ.  As I got on my bike to leave I yelled back, “Vic, I hope you have an amazing rest of your day!” He turned back to me smiling and yelled back, “I think today will be most amazing day of my life!”

God is working here.  He always has been and will never give up on this amazing country of people.  His Holy Spirit is establishing beautiful relationships and friendships which are eternal!  What an honor it is to serve and glorify our amazing God!

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