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A Mighty Miracle

January 3, 2017

I think that no matter where in the world you are, all campus staff and STINTERs share the same prayer and dream: to see students take steps of faith.

And, as we know, we’re not always guaranteed that we will see this dream come to fruition. So when we do see this dream become reality, we should see it for what it is, as a mighty miracle from God. And, to our continual amazement and praise, it seems like this miracle is occurring almost daily on our college campuses here.

A couple weeks ago, one of our staff and STINTERs traveled two hours by bus to a distance campus the team has been intentionally trying to reach for about a year now. When they arrived, they connected with Kyle for the first time. They heard about Kyle through someone else, so they were excited to meet him.

When they met up with Kyle, they discovered that Kyle had a dream to reach his campus with the Gospel. When our staff asked if he would be willing to help lead a spiritual movement at his campus, he was a bit hesitant at first. He said he didn’t know how to share his faith, but that if they could help him, he would be willing. After some encouragement and time praying, the staff and STINTER immediately invited Kyle to come sharing with them. This is what one of the STINTERs said about the experience:

“It was a joy to witness. We sat down with a guy and a girl and started a conversation and before you know it, the four of them were animatedly talking in Arabic. I can’t give many details about the conversation because I didn’t understand any of it… But it was so cool to see Kyle step out of his comfort zone and talk to his peers about the Gospel. I think he realized how easy it could be to just walk up to someone and start a spiritual conversation. One of the guys we talked to seemed very interested in the gospel and Kyle is going to follow up with him.”

Similarly, another one of our recent student leaders took a big step of faith when he decided to share the Gospel with one of his closest friends. James, our student leader, has known Chris for a long time. They went to grade school and high school together, and now, they both started their first semester of college together. James and Chris are neighbors, and each day, Chris gives James and his brother a ride to campus. James recently felt that God wanted him talk to Chris, however, James was afraid to talk to Chris because he feared damaging their close relationship.

But then, one day on their way to campus, Chris opened up and told James:

“You know, I’ve always admired you and your brother. I can see that you are good men, and I can see that you both have a deep connection with God. I’ve wanted more of a connection with God, too, recently.”

James couldn’t deny it anymore, God had clearly given him an open door to share the Gospel with Chris. So that day over lunch, James took a step of faith and shared the Gospel with Chris. And shortly after that, Chris began a relationship with God through Jesus. Now, James and Chris have a discipleship group together, and they are both continuing to take steps of faith to share the Gospel with their friends.

I pray this miracle – the miracle of seeing students step out in faith – never becomes “normal.” I pray it always leaves us in awe of the God who is constantly working in the lives of students around us.

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