Long-Term Opportunities


Missionary Kid to Missionary Kid

The vision of MK2MK is to build a global, spiritual movement of missionary kids who impact their world for Christ. We're a community where discipleship and encouragement happen through connection at various venues around the world.

While our primary focus is the MKs in our organization, all MKs are welcome to be part of this community.

Our focus is simple – college-age MKs mentor and disciple teenage MKs. Through these relationships, MKs around the globe are making an impact for Christ.

Our values include:

  • MKs as an integral part of any mission
  • Proactive care for MKs living internationally
  • Partnering with other ministries
  • Developing MKs to grow in their walks with God, character and competency
  • Connecting with MKs, parents, and the organization

Website: mk2mk.org

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