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Missionary Kid to Missionary Kid

Photo courtesy of MK2MK

The vision of MK2MK is to build a global, spiritual movement of missionary kids who impact their world for Christ.  

While our primary focus is the MKs in our organization; all MKs are welcome to be part of this community.

It is a community where discipleship and encouragement happen through connection at various venues around the world.

Our focus is simple -- college-age MKs discipling teenage MKs. Through these discipleship relationships MKs around the globe are having an impact where they live for Christ.

Our values include:

  • MKs as an integral part of any mission
  • A proactive flow of care for MKs living internationally
  • Partnering with other ministries
  • Developing MKs to grow in their walks with God, character and competency
  • Connecting with MKs, parents and the organization

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