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Professional Skills

Operations ministry, or Ops as we often call it, is all of the various professional work being done by staff, interns and students that build the capacity of the ministry to reach more people.

When Your Boss Asks You to Cheat

Feeling pressured to compromise integrity is a common work-faith dilemma. Learn how to deal with these situations while maintaining the highest standards before God and your employer.

Office Positions

By serving operationally, you free up staff to reach nationals effectively. By living overseas, you can be involved first hand in reaching your neighbors as well.

The Curse Erased

A Colombian businessman had a life based on lies.

The Way You Love Your City Matters to God

When we show up in our cities and neighborhoods and move toward people with helpful action, we can bring change through the love of God.

How to Lead When Tragedy Strikes

What do you do when people are looking to you to respond to a tragedy? Here are 3 specific things the Cru ministry in Venezuela learned when they experienced loss.

My Strange Journey of Being Available To God

How being available opens the way for friendships and opportunities to introduce others to Jesus.

How Can I Follow My Calling if I’m Not Sure What It Is?

You’re approaching a crossroads moment in your life and don’t know which path is right for you.

Work and Rest - Ready to Use Content

A 31-day content schedule exploring what it means to be faithful to God in our work and in our rest.

How to Live Out Your Faith: From College to the Cubicle

When Allie was in college talking about life and spiritual things seemed easy. Now that she was in the working world, everything seemed to have changed.

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