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Work and Rest - Ready to Use Content

A 31-day content schedule exploring what it means to be faithful to God in our work and in our rest.

My Strange Journey of Being Available To God

How being available opens the way for friendships and opportunities to introduce others to Jesus.

How to Lead When Tragedy Strikes

What do you do when people are looking to you to respond to a tragedy? Here are 3 specific things the Cru ministry in Venezuela learned when they experienced loss.

The Road to Mentoring: Anyone Can Change a Life

As a college student, Carly Edwards was inspired to lead others nearer to Christ through Athletes in Action. After she graduated in 2014, she saw no reason that should change. She wants you to know that anyone can change a life.

Impacting Culture by Integrating Work and Faith

A volunteer in East Asia uses career expertise to join with others in mixing marketplace ministry with influencing students through a university-sponsored course.

The Curse Erased

A Colombian businessman had a life based on lies.

Taking Steps of Faith in the Workplace

The dog-eat-dog business climate might seem like no place for faith. But in Toronto, Darcy Keeler has figured out how to combine the two.

The Prosecution Rests

Leaving life as a D.A. opened a door to eternal influence for Audrey Butler.

Workaholic Learns from Mistakes

Renewed focus on family helps Trinidad businessman do great things for God.

How to Save Your Marriage From Your Job

Couples around the world struggle with miscommunication, mistrust and stressful lifestyles. Are our jobs to blame?

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