Population: 38,482,919

Located in Central Europe, east of Germany

Website: https://www.mt28.pl/

Map of Poland

Poland has long been considered one of the most religious countries in Europe. The majority of Poles are Christian; nearly 90% are Roman Catholic. The Catholic church is a significant cultural and political influence. While the constitution insures religious freedom, Protestant and Evangelical groups, which are minorities, are often viewed as sects. Yet, church leaders sense the country is poised for spiritual renewal.


Sharing the Gospel With 1 Million Youth in Poland

As official World Youth Day evangelists, the Cru volunteers had full license to preach the gospel to the 1 million attendees.

Kayaking Adventures Help Students Explore Christianity

A kayaking trip moves Polish college students toward thinking about God.

American Coach Shares Bible Lessons Alongside Basketball Fundamentals

An American coach teaches fundamentals of basketball and Bible lessons during a two-week camp in Poland.

The Adventurous Side I Never Knew

21-year old son of missionaries returns to Poland, the country of his childhood, and discovers that his parents contributed something significant.

Eastern Europe's New Leader

Marek Wyrzykowski’s journey from student to ministry leader in Eastern Europe.

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