Albanian Student Finds Confidence in Telling Others

Outreach involving a 3-week study of More Than a Carpenter changes Adenil Pjetri’s boldness level as he invites friends and sees God change lives.

Hayley Newsom

Talking to his friends about his faith was difficult for Adenil Pjetri.

“I believed in God, but I didn’t have confidence in my beliefs,” says the 2nd-year nursing student in Tirana, Albania.

Adenil -- and his friends -- joined in a little friendly competition. The Cru ministry decided to put on an outreach event with a prize.

Over a series of 3 weekly sessions, Adenil was one of 140 students who chose to read Josh McDowell’s More Than a Carpenter and practice how to find the main idea in a text, a helpful study skill.

At the end of the 3 weeks, everyone would take a quiz, and the winner would receive a small laptop.

“When they invited me to help with the project, I accepted with no hesitation,” says Adenil.

The chance to win a great prize was easy to offer people, and Adenil was glad to invite them to hear a clear defense of the faith he hoped his friends would accept.

Adenil enjoyed the safe atmosphere to tell his friends and classmates about his faith. And as they read More Than a Carpenter together, he grew in confidence.

Over the course of a few weeks, Adenil became better friends with the students in his study group as they worked together, learning and talking about the subject of the book -- valid proof for the claims of Christianity.

As another student active in the ministry, Mirgeta Sula says, “They have a lot of questions. We have answers in a scientific way in Josh McDowell’s book.”

Adenil had the opportunity to be a witness to his friends and investigate the evidence of Christianity with them.

In the end, Adenil didn’t win the laptop. (Cru students who took the challenge were eligible, as well.) But he won some new friends -- and even better, he won confidence in telling others about his faith.

With his new knowledge of the factual proof for his Christian beliefs, Adenil enjoys talking to his friends about his faith.

“Now I am ready to share the Bible with everyone,” says Adenil. “Since the project, it’s easier for me. I highly recommend it.”

Read their step-by-step guide for the outreach and how you might use the idea and tweak for reaching out where you are.

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