Population: 3,169,087

Located in Southeastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea and Ionian Sea, between Greece and Serbia and Montenegro

Map of Albania

No religion was allowed to exist in Communist Albania from 1967. The ban was lifted in 1990, but no legal provision for religious freedom was made until 1998. Since then, Albania enjoys total religious freedom, cherished by many. The majority of Albanians are very nominal, but some traditional religious groups have had a tendency to resent and oppose the activities of both evangelicals and marginal cults.

College Students Changed Albania Forever

Once a Communist country with only 16 known Christians in the whole country, Albania now sends out its own missionaries. And it began on a college campus.

Mission Trip Changes Life Goal for Albanian

After becoming a Christian, an Albanian student decides to become a missionary.

Albanian Creative Outreach Uses Josh McDowell Book

Many students had attended Cru events in the capital city of Tirane, Albania but they still hadn’t placed their faith in Christ. Staff member Nikolin Dodaj wondered how to get more truth about Jesus in front of them. He got an idea.

Albanian Student Finds Confidence in Telling Others

Outreach involving a 3-week study of More Than a Carpenter changes Adenil Pjetri’s boldness level as he invites friends and sees God change lives.

Albanian Outreach 7-Step Plan

Read about a creative Albanian outreach using a Josh McDowell apologetics book, the 7 step-by-step plan, and consider how you could take the idea and tweak it for where you are.

Test for "More than a Carpenter" book

50 questions on Josh McDowell's book "More than a Carpenter."

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