New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand

Population: 4,303,457

Located in Oceania, islands in the South Pacific Ocean, southeast of Australia

Map of New Zealand

Kiwi society is increasingly post-Christian and secular. Other religions are far less a threat to the Church than basic unbelief. Projections show that Christianity will cease to be the majority religion before 2020.


On the Journey

Stephanie is one example of a changed-life. She placed her faith in Christ because of the “On the Journey” outreach campaign. Student Life staff members and students gave out jandals [free flip-flops] after students answered spiritual surveys.

Leaving a Legacy Despite Rejection

One young woman in New Zealand opens her arms to Christ despite her parent’s disapproval and then shares the gospel with other young women from across the Pacific.

Playing for Eternity

Frances Tagaloa helps netballers in New Zealand use their status as celebrities to resonate for their hero, Jesus.

Rugby Heroes Looking Up to God

New Zealand’s top rugby players are learning how to influence their nation spiritually.

Combining Boldness and Basketball

Professional basketball player Tim Behrendorff learns how to use the platform of sport to tell others about his faith.

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