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Friendship Evangelism

Soh Xiao Jun

As a non-Christian, my experience with Christianity wasn’t good. During Easter, friends brought me to church but it felt too dramatic and unreal for me. I was also very intimated by street-witnessing Christians. I didn’t really want to think about Christianity.

Through my tutorial classes in university, I got to know Adam, Rachel, and their friends from Cru.

Although they are Christians, they never forced the gospel on me. Instead, they invited me into their community, right where they are. They treated me as a close friend, helped me and invited me for birthday surprises even though I wasn’t part of Cru. These friendships meant a lot to me especially since I didn’t have close friends in the same faculty.

Finally one day they invited me to a Soul2Soul (Cru’s outreach band) concert in school. Though I knew it would have something to do with Christianity, I felt that this time might be different. Plus, it was in school so it should be quite ‘safe’! There, I heard (lead singer) Sharon’s life/love story. I was very touched by her sharing because then, I was still feeling hurt from a past relationship.

I don’t quite remember how or why, but when I filled out the response slip, I indicated “I want to know more.” Even more divinely, my slip was passed to Rachel for follow-up! We started evangelistic Bible-studies after that. If it wasn’t Rachel conducting those sessions, I may not have agreed to go.

Rachel was a God-sent. She liked to use Bible stories to explain things to me…and I loved listening to stories! Through them, I could get into that world, that scenario and know more about God.

At the same time, Adam invited me to church. At first, I felt very awkward! People were clapping, singing and I would be very self-conscious as the odd one out. Despite that, I got to know more about God through the sermons and got more comfortable as time passed.

One day, the pastor gave an altar call, and I just felt like ‘giving God a chance.’ I told God, “Maybe I can try with You.” At that point of time, I felt like I should say the (sinner’s) prayer.

Ever since I received Christ, I have found a purpose in life. It’s no longer meaningless. Before I was a Christian, I never thought about my purpose and just lived my life as it is. Now, I feel that everyone should know about Christ because they will never regret this decision.

Subsequently, God placed in Xiaojun’s heart a burden for overseas missions. In preparation, she is now in the SOLEAD training program.

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