Answered Prayers

After many years of praying for their husbands’ salvation, five Mongolian women saw their husbands indicate decisions for Christ.

Emilie Vinson
Answered Prayers photo

As Cru staff members Ebo and Nergui prepared for a FamilyLife conference in Mongolia, they prayed for the people who would attend. Ebo and his wife, Nergui, serve with Cru’s ministry to couples and families. They work to reach teachers with the gospel in Mongolia’s northern region, including the provinces of Darkhan, Orhon, Bulgan and Selenge.

“Most of the teachers are women,” Nergui said. “Their husbands are not Christians. We pray, may their husbands become Christians through FamilyLife.”

The conference took place near Erdenet, the second-largest city in Mongolia. Fifty-five people attended – a mix of married couples, men and women who had experienced divorce and widows. Married couples were required to follow certain rules during the conference, such as telling each other “I love you” three times each day, holding hands whenever they walked anywhere, smiling at each other and sitting together.

After a long time of praying and trusting God, some of the teachers’ prayers for their spouses were answered, and five husbands at the conference indicated decisions to follow Christ. Battseteg, a teacher in the city of Erdenet wrote, “Today is the happiest day in my life, because I was praying for my husband’s salvation for many years. My husband was saved today.”

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