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More than a Man in a Movie

Guatemalan man witnesses healing after seeing JESUS film

Anibal Duarte with Erik Segalini

Enrique Caal had no idea how much his life would change when he happened upon the outdoor film showing last May. While walking through the small Guatemalan community called Alta Verapaz, he noticed people setting up a projector and screen.

Enrique decided to stay and watch.

The next day, in this little town located close to Campur, Enrique visited the home of Pastor Maria Isabel Cahuec, hoping to speak with the pastor. He told her that he had watched the movie the night before and that he wanted to become a Christian.

But he explained that he wanted to do this with his family. Were they planning to show it again, he wondered?

The movie, he learned, would be shown several weeks later in a village called Cahabón. Enrique was excited.

The day of the scheduled film showing, it rained a lot, so Enrique reserved a municipal room in Cahabón for more than 600 people. Many of Enrique's family and friends attended.

By now, Jesus had become more than just a man in a movie to Enrique.

Boy's Healing Convinces Enrique that Jesus is God 

Just one week prior he had visited some family close to his home, and the youngest child was very sick. He had told them about watching the JESUS Film earlier that month -- how this Jesus had healed people when He was asked.

So Enrique suggested they pray. They did, and Enrique told Pastor Isabel that the young boy was healed, just like Jesus did in the film.

Enrique said that he was convinced Jesus was God, now more than ever.

He asked the JESUS Film team to return in September and show the movie during the Cahabón municipal fair. He wants the film to run several times during those days, so more people can meet their Savior.

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