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We have partner ministries that have various needs. Work directly with at-risk children or adults. As well, each of these ministries has various events and needs behind-the-scenes administrative work, including web. Contact them directly.

New opportunities. Reach out to...

  • Total Restoration Transformation — Bridgett Davis
    • Help sort and organize donations for their outreaches.
    • Volunteer daily, weekly, monthly — or just once!
    • Email: TRT Center or call 407-803-3126.
  • Sidewalk/New Beginning Ministry — Rosa Marti, , 
    • Has a weekly outreach on Saturdays at 1:00 p.m. at Reeves Terrace on Jackson Street
    • Volunteer to minister with or for sex-trafficked victims.
    • Email Rosa Marti or call 407-963-4575.

  • Outreach to at-risk families at InTown Suites on Lee Rd. — Rochelle and John Epps
    • Various outreach dates
    • Call Rochelle Epps @ 407-309-1013 for more information.


Check out these other options for working with at-risk children and adults.

At other times throughout the year, we collect and pack Compassionate Products™ for our partner ministries to use for evangelistic outreaches.

If you would like more information about any of these opportunities or think God is calling you to volunteer, please email Karen Akers or call (407) 719-9460.

  1. Transformer's Club at University Presbyterian Church in East Orange meets on Wednesdays from 2:30–5:00 p.m. Volunteers arrive 30 minutes before and stay 30 minutes after. Email Karen Akers.
  2. New Beginning Ministry/Sidewalk Sunday School has a children's outreach each Saturday at Reeve's Terrace low-income housing. Email Rosa Marti.
  3. Samaritan Resource Center (East Orange) near Dean and Colonial. Help the homeless and almost homeless. Volunteer as often as you can Monday through Friday mornings. Email Zeynep Portway.
  4. Help students receive their GED. Volunteer with Total Resoration Transformation Center on West Colonial Drive. Email Bridgett Davis.
  5. Work holisitically with African refugees. Email Father Gabriel.
  • Easter Bags: Come join us to pack Easter bags for children living in the inner city! The bags will be filled with candy, small toys, gospel bead bracelets, and cards. You could help pack the bags, write cards, and make bracelets. Read more.
  • Boxes of Love®: The holidays for most people means turkey, mashed potatoes, afternoon naps, family, and maybe football. But for so many Thanksgiving is no different from any other day. Help bring food, love and the gospel to families by packing boxes of Thanksgiving food that will be delivered by Central Florida churches. Read more.
  • PowerPacks®: When kids go back to school they need school supplies. Many kids in the city can't afford what they need. PowerPacks are backpacks filled with school supplies that are distributed when school is starting up. We need volunteers to help assemble these bags of school goodies. Read more.
  • S.A.Y. Yes!® Centers: Do you have a heart for kids in city? Volunteer at an after-school program that focuses on all the needs of a child! Come share the love of Christ with a child by mentoring and tutoring. Read more.

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