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Boxes of Love®

Receiving a Box of Love® changed Jimmy's life forever.

Will you help us fill 900 Boxes of Love® so as many as 5,400 people can hear the gospel this Thanksgiving?

Boxes of Love are precious tools for sharing the love and hope of the gospel with families in need. Each Box of Love® contains enough food for a family of six to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal in their own home. They are delivered by our compassionate, city-church partners who are trained to share the gospel message clearly. This Thanksgiving you can get involved by sponsoring Boxes of Love.

Our suggested donation for one Box of Love is $41.40 to cover the costs of all food and gospel material, plus evangelism training for our compassionate city church partners who will deliver each Box of Love.

  1. $41.40 sponsors 1 Box of Love
  2. $82.80 sponsors 2 Boxes of Love
  3. $124.20 sponsors 3 Boxes of Love
  4. $207.00 sponsors 5 Boxes of Love
  5. $414.00 sponsors 10 Boxes of Love

You can sponsor Boxes of Love with a credit/debit card gift by clicking here. You can also write a check payable to Cru Inner City and mail it to:

Cru Inner City
Attn: Boxes of Love
6125 Beechwood St.
Detroit, MI 48210

For questions and more information, please email Jeanine Jamerson at jeanine.jamerson@cru.org.

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