To Get Off These Streets

by Kimberly Danneker — 08 February 2018

blog headerEven though Georgia has few days of freezing temperatures each winter, when you live on the streets, cold is cold.

Something often in short supply on the streets is dignity.Each winter, the inner-city ministry of Cru® assembles thousands of Homeless Care Kits for our church partners to distribute to people in desperate circumstances. Each kit has a blanket, gloves, warm socks, a scarf, a variety of toiletries, and a gospel booklet. Besides addressing immediate needs, the Kits help our partners open doors to relationships and opportunities that could offer assistance beyond the immediate. Best of all they provide a connection to the gospel and a church community.

Something often in short supply on the streets is dignity. That's what makes this story from a partner in Atlanta so powerful:

A man who appeared to be a bit disheveled.William Potts, of Habakkuk's Prayer Ministry, was driving when he saw a man who appeared to be a bit disheveled. He parked his car, grabbed a Homeless Care Kit and approached the gentleman. So as not to offend him by assuming, he asked, "Do you know of someone who could use some socks, toiletries, a blanket, and a few other things?" The man answered, "Yeah, me. My name is Mark."

William told Mark a bit more about the kit, and asked if there was a specific way he could pray for him. "Yes," Mark replied, "Pray that I can do what I need to do to get off these streets."

William prayed for Mark and gave him his contact information, as well as some helpful agencies that aid folks with challenges like those Mark faces. "One thing that struck me," William said, "Is that he did not ask for someone who could help get him off the streets. He took ownership. It wouldn't have been wrong to ask for help, but it is rare I get the response he gave."

Please join us in praying that Mark would find hope in Christ, and that God will strengthen and equip him to do what's necessary to find work and housing!

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Kimberly DannekerKimberly Danneker serves as the Communications Specialist for Cru's inner-city ministry.

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