30 Week Coaching Plan

Week 7

  1. How was your devotional time last week? Share your recent personal devotional.

  2. Ask how they are doing at applying all aspects of the Spirit Filled Life this week.

  3. Are you praying for the campus? Challenge them to try a different way of praying through prayer walk, campus prayer meeting, journaling, in your bible studies, and more.

  4. What do you need to catch up on from the first 6-weeks? This is the time to review, remind, repeat all that you’ve covered and ask how real-life application is going. Big Six, Satisfied, Asking good questions, or… Remember, you only want to cover the top 5 elements in real detail. Make time for the Side Bar items as well.

  5. Go over a Bible study and you set the example again by filtering for the best 7-9 questions for them.

  6. Look into starting up new Bible studies by challenging people to lead their own with new people who have come – Keep multiplying discipleship continually before your people. Show the video about Kelvin: 
    Kelvin: A Spiritual Multiplication Story

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