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Grenada, Spain

This semester, Kristi (Univeristy of Coloradao) and Caroline (Murray State in Kentucky) are studying in Grenada, Spain. They have started a small group Bible study among their study abroad peers, and 19 ladies have attended! At what point is it not called a ‘small group’? Not all of these students are believers and a couple are even Mormon. God is using Kristi and Caroline to point their new friends toward Jesus in such a cool way.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Levi is not involved with Cru on his campus back home, but is a solid believer who wants to make a difference. He found out about Cru Study Abroad at a John Piper missions conference this winter and is now a student leader with Cru (called Student Life in NZ) in Christchurch reaching out to new students at the start of their school year - it’s the fall semester in the Southern Hemisphere.

Levi shared this week: “I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with Dominic through the Student Life surveys. He happens to live on the floor above me, and God has laid it on my heart to be intentional with him. I’m planning to ask him out for a meal. He is currently Buddhist, but is quite curious about Christianity. Please pray that I would be an example of Jesus to him, and that I would be intentional about befriending him.”

St. Petersburg, Russia

Sarah is studying on mission in St. Petersburg this semester and has been a great encouragement and asset to the local missionaries she is serving alongside. They are so grateful for the boost that her energy and servant’s heart bring to their team!

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