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Snippet: a small and often interesting piece of news, information, or conversation

In the workplace, conversations with coworkers can often be short and disjointed so the idea of sharing your 3 minute testimony can seem daunting. So here's a different way to communicate your story.

  • Answer the following questions, forming snippets of information.
  • Each snippet should only be 3 sentences long at the most and take less than a minute to say (probably around 30 seconds)
  • With each of these questions, you can look at them from different angles and answer them more than once. For instance, with question #1, you probably had several different attitudes before taking Jesus seriously.
  • One more thought: a verse of Scripture could be a great snippet.
  1. What was my attitude before I took Jesus Christ seriously?
    or b) What were one or two things that used to characterize my view of life/God?

  2. Why did I say ‘Yes’ to Christ?
    or b) Why do I still want to put Christ first in my life?

  3. How did I say ‘Yes’ to Christ?
    or b) Were there any particular points in my life when I reinforced my earlier decision to say ‘Yes’ to Christ?

  4. What difference does Christ make to my day-to-day life?

  5. What is a ‘Christian’?

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