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“Pass on what you heard from me ... to reliable leaders who are competent to teach others.” 2 Timothy 2:2

In Cru we talk about Win, Build and Send. We want to be looking for God-given opportunities to join in people's spiritual journeys and prayerfully see them come to know Jesus.

But what about “build” and “send”? As you develop relationships with those you work with, you might begin meeting fellow believers. And that will be great for community and team building but you should also realize that you have something to offer your Christian brothers and sisters.

Let's think about it. You've been trained ... you have ministry experience ... a vision for the world ... and you've had the opportunity to see God use you. It can be easy for you to assume that this is the experience of all believers, but it's not.

I would suggest that you need to recognize that God is not only bringing people across your path who don't know the Lord, but also believers that He wants you to minister to. Topics such as how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, telling their story, how to have a quiet time, or study the Bible on their own are just a few potential subjects in which you could train others.

As you begin to ponder the subject of “building” in the workplace, the sending piece seems to naturally fall into place. Those coworkers who you get to train will become "sent ones" when they receive a promotion and go to a new department or a new city, when they quit their job and move on to a better one, when they buy a house and move to a different neighborhood or when they take advantage of one of their church's mission trips and travel overseas.

Think back over what was particularly helpful for you in your own growth in the Lord and see if there are aspects that you would enjoy passing onto others whom God brings your way.

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