Missional Coaching Toolbox

Decoding Your Workplace

What is it really like?

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General demographics

  • How many people work there?
  • In percentages, what is the breakdown of…
    • men and women?
    • distribution of ages (20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond)?
    • stage of life (single, married w/o kids, married w/ kids, emptynesters)?
  • How many people are you in regular contact with?

Work environment

  • Is the work force fairly stable or is there a lot of turn-over?
  • Is most work done individually or in collaboration?
  • Do most employees work strictly “9 to 5” or is overtime encouraged/expected?
  • Does your boss have an “open door” policy or is it a more formalenvironment?
  • How is appreciation and encouragement expressed?
  • Name the top 5 values of the company that you have observed.

Spiritual climate

  • Of those whom you have regular contact with…
    • How many are non-believers?
    • How many indicate that they are religious?
    • How many have a personal relationship with Jesus?

Opportunities for relationships

  • Is there a lunchroom, coffee bar, etc. available?
  • Does the company sponsor social events, athletic teams, etc.?
  • Do employees spontaneously go out after work?
  • Do you get together with co-workers to do things outside of work?
  • Would you say people at work are friends or acquaintances?

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