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How to Make New Friends

Gabe Ackman

Whether you’re going to your first day of college this fall, or returning for another year, meeting people is part of every new semester. New classes and new students mix together as everyone rushes to make some friends.

To some, this comes naturally. To others, meeting new people is a scary concept. With some initiative, college is a great location to make lasting friendships as a young adult.

Making friends starts out simple. When you get on campus, open yourself up to new people. Smile and say hello to the people in your hall and classes. You can do it with confidence, because most people are just as interested in making friends as you are. It’s just a matter of breaking the ice early.

In class, ask questions to other students about the course and the professor. You’ve already got that class in common with them, so that’s one thing you can bond over.

Outside of class, there are also other ways to get involved. School clubs are a great way to find people with similar interests at your college. At the start of the semester, these clubs are interested in attracting new students, and they’ll typically host introduction events that are light and accessible. Go to these! You’ll likely get some free pizza and you’ll meet new students in the same position as you.

Try out clubs and teams that are new to you, too. You just might discover a new hobby or interest. For example, the ultimate frisbee team might seem like an odd choice for you, but you’ll widen your circle as you see those people around campus (even if you only try it out for one semester!).

Once you’ve met some people, keep looking around for new people you could get to know. Greet people you know share mutual friends with you when you come across them. Better yet, take a new route to class and see who you pass on the way. College social life can become deeper and wider once you step out of your daily routine.

Beyond meeting people, making a lasting friendship depends on the quality time you spend with them. Get creative and find activities that build up everyone in the group.

If you need some help, your campus Cru movement (find one using!) is a great place to start. With these tips, you’ll be a step closer to making enduring friendships in college.

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