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The Symposium: A Ready-Made Event for your Campus

Corey Miller

Bring this event on Human Dignity, Slavery, and Sex Trafficking to your campus for FREE!! Use our event at your facility to extend your ministry. Simply register and watch the Live Stream.

The Symposium is an annual event held at Purdue University drawing thousands from the campus, community, and surrounding region. Spearheaded by Cru, it is led by multiple campus ministries and churches. Our purpose is to explore and debate some of the most probing questions about faith , reason , and life via panel discussions, lectures, and debates.

This year we’ll have a Cru/IJM speaker, a former sex slave, and a former porn star both testifying of their freedom in Christ from slavery. We'll also have a featured debate between two prominent professors exploring which worldview best explains or accounts for our common moral sentiments and beliefs regarding human slavery and sex trafficking: “WWJD v. What Would Darwin Do?”

Last year 4,200 attended the debate. 10,000 more viewed viewed it via Live Stream from 60 countries around the world. We were #1 on Twitter that night and our video now has over 100,000 hits on YouTube.

For details and to be part of this big event this year (without much effort on your part) see .

Watch this short promo video  explaining the history, philosophy, and potential of the Symposium.

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