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6 Ingredients That Will Help You Fast From Technology

When connecting with God looks like turning off your smartphone.

Videos - Snapchat

Training videos on how to get started and use Snapchat for digital ministry.

How to Pray for Every Person on Earth

"My prayers were full of my worries, my problems, my needs and desires. I was so obsessed with myself I could barely enjoy God and pray for others. It was convicting to say the least."

Falling Plates Went Viral in My Family

"I had no idea that a simple evangelistic film would be shared with so many family members."

Digital Ministry

At Cru, we've seen firsthand how digital tools can be used for advancing the Great Commission. Digital allows access to places and people that have never been reachable before, and we want you to be a part of reaching people with the gospel.

Sharing Your Faith With an App

The App is a tool with articles and videos to help share your faith intelligently and with compassion and care.

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