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Helping My Brother Through the Door

Judith prayed for 21 years for her brother Terry and fasted 1 meal each week for 17 years. How did God answer her prayers? Terry chose to follow Jesus and his life has changed. Judith’s “new” brother is one of the greatest answers to prayer in her life.

I Thought I Knew How To Forgive

The time I spent with my father throughout my childhood is mostly an angry blur of yelling and crying.

What Happened When I Shared My Pain

Learn how to tell your “before and after Christ” testimony with authenticity.

Feeling Unequipped? You Can Share Your Faith!

Liz, an intern in ‘The Hood’, was walking on campus in late August, when she noticed a girl looking at her but then quickly diverting eye contact. Curious, she decided to introduce herself.

I Think Today Will Be the Most Amazing Day of My Life!

What a life-altering month it has been. About two weeks ago my teammates and I were heading home after a long day on campus meeting students and were casually riding our bikes back to our apartment talking about all the new people we had met...

Let Everyone Hear!

Nathan headed to campus on a breezy April afternoon in East Asia. He was paired with an American student – Amon – who was visiting on a spring break vision trip. Nathan and Amon hoped to make friends with students and share the gospel.

On Campus, Is It Magic or Is It Real?

Jim Munroe’s fast-paced performances of magic tricks helps college students around the country encounter the reality of Christ behind the illusion of daily life.

Becoming a Guide: A Conversation with Tai Le

Through a friend, Tai Lee is invited into Christian community. A couple of years later, someone shares the gospel with him.

New Believer Organizes Successful Denver Outreach

Ed Lee volunteered to lead an outreach to other young business professionals, even though he’d been a Christ-follower for a little over 2 years. And, he’s also spiritually mentoring other young men. Ed didn’t wait until he was a seasoned believer to step out in faith.

Leah O'Brien-Amico

Olympic softball player Leah O'Brien-Amico recounts becoming a Christian through Athletes in Action.

Was Gaining God Worth Losing My Family?

A student in Australia risks rejection from her parents for her new faith in Christ.

Ben Carter

Varsity soccer player at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Mich.

I Couldn't Forgive Myself

Teresa Keith of Edinburgh, Scotland, talks of how she came to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Read how she found God’s love and forgiveness to be what she needed to fully forgive herself.

My Story: Santei Di Leonardo

Santei Di Leonardo's life was filled with empty relationships and felt purposeless. Since he began his new life in Christ this summer, everything has changed for the better.

Changing Family

Alejandra’s new relationship with God is leading her family back to faith as well.

My Story: Erik Lightle

A young man who is looking for direction finds that Jesus is the way.

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