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Not Alone: The Power of Partnering

Partnerships offer an opportunity to see what the Lord is doing beyond our own organizational walls. To burst out of our isolated bubbles.

A Surprise in One of Baltimore’s Toughest Neighborhoods

Cru students join The Garden Church for an outreach in inner city Baltimore.

Could the high school ministry’s Urban Immersion internship be for you?

Do you have a heart for reaching inner city teens with the gospel? This ministry to middle and high schoolers reaches far beyond the school building into the families and communities they surround. Could God be calling you to join them?

“I Don’t Know” and Other Things I’m Learning About Diversity

Diversity reflects God’s unique design. Learning about diversity can deepen our faith in God and love for others. For diversity to flourish, humility is essential.


Connect with Cru's ministries in Cleveland.

Why Christians Need To Listen To Things That Offend Us

I tend to avoid things that are awkward or uncomfortable, and there are some challenging topics for the Church in America today. Then I went to Creating Options Together.

When Artists Fight For Justice

Transforming a community through creativity, connectedness and collaboration.

What Can One Mom Do? Help Reach A High School for Christ

After hearing about a high school outreach at her church, Wendy spearheaded a similar outreach in her local high school, partnering with two Christian groups and two churches.

What is the Biblical Response to America’s Ethnic Strife?

The Creating Options Together conference is tackling our nation’s problems head on. Join them this week via livestream.

Remodeling Lives One Home at a Time

Florida interior designer inspires clients to refashion more than their houses.

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