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Are All Your Friends Just Like You?

What American Christians miss by not building friendships with people who are different from them.

Treasure Trails

As much as we would like to believe that there is one good strategy to bring Christ’s good news to the ends of the Earth, there isn’t. One technique may work perfectly in one conversation only to fail over and over again when we apply that same technique to other situations. Every heart is different, and the map to pierce each heart with the gospel is different.

A Lily in the Desert

"We’ve been praying that God would direct us to students who are ready to receive his gospel or who have already trusted in Jesus and are ready to share the gospel themselves. We knew these people existed on our campus; but, after years of reaching out, meeting such students seemed impossible."

A Mighty Miracle

We’re not always guaranteed that we will see our dream of students taking steps of faith come to fruition. So when we do see this dream become reality, we should see it for what it is, as a mighty miracle from God. And, to our continual amazement and praise, it seems like this miracle is occurring almost daily on our college campuses here.

A Simple Breakthrough

"The opening sentence of the student's testimony brought everything into perspective for me. I had honestly forgotten that just a month before this, I had no clue who this student was."

The most important thing this Rwandan student can say this Christmas

Diane Uwacu, from Rwanda, explains how international students studying in the U.S. can help reach the world for Christ. And here’s how you can help reach them.

Feeling Unequipped? You Can Share Your Faith!

Liz, an intern in ‘The Hood’, was walking on campus in late August, when she noticed a girl looking at her but then quickly diverting eye contact. Curious, she decided to introduce herself.

I Think Today Will Be the Most Amazing Day of My Life!

What a life-altering month it has been. About two weeks ago my teammates and I were heading home after a long day on campus meeting students and were casually riding our bikes back to our apartment talking about all the new people we had met...

Let Everyone Hear!

Nathan headed to campus on a breezy April afternoon in East Asia. He was paired with an American student – Amon – who was visiting on a spring break vision trip. Nathan and Amon hoped to make friends with students and share the gospel.

How to Find a Christian in a Haystack

A new breed of missionaries use social media to start spiritual movements.

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