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Praying with Power

Jesus commanded us to "pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest." Join us in earnestly praying for God to fulfill this request in this generation!

Why is spending a day in prayer important?

Why do we set time aside for a day of prayer? In this 3 minute video, Steve Douglass reminds us why a day in prayer is so important.

Honest Answers to Tough Questions About Prayer

Why should I pray? ... If God is all wise and all powerful, isn't prayer presumptuous? ... How can I pray in faith and at the same time leave a matter open to God's will? These questions were sent to Cru staff members almost 30 years ago, but they continue to be relevant today.

How to Pray for Every Person on Earth

"My prayers were full of my worries, my problems, my needs and desires. I was so obsessed with myself I could barely enjoy God and pray for others. It was convicting to say the least."

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