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US Mission Network

Someone is waiting to hear from you. We encourage you to share with others how they can begin a personal relationship with God.

Digital Resource Toolkit

You desire to continue to do ministry, but it may feel like a hard change from life together to life at a distance. For that, we’ve created a list of ideas and resources to help aid you as you learn to do your ministry from your home.

Struggle and Triumph DVD

6 Olympic athletes from around the world tell their stories of struggle and triumph on this DVD. Learn how you can use their passion for competition and Jesus to easily communicate the gospel.

La Búsqueda (The Search) DVD

Using short films as a springboard, facilitate spiritual discussions and present the gospel with this interactive tool.

Free film tools for Global Outreach Day

During Global Outreach Day you will be looking for the right person to share your story with, so you can introduce God’s story.

When you don’t speak their language

If you have a smartphone, you can share the gospel with anyone.

How a backpack helped break the cycle of poverty and addiction

Maria had just gotten off drugs and was afraid of becoming homeless. Getting school supplies for her kids was just one more burden. Then a church stepped in.

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