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Rise Above

Rising above circumstances with help from the Holy Spirit.

How to Experience Life Change

Use spiritual breathing to fill you with the Holy Spirit’s power.

Surrendering Control of Your Life

Surrender control of your challenges to the Holy Spirit.

Helping New Believers Grow

Six essential steps to start someone on the road toward Christian maturity.

Classic Cru

See a collection of classic Cru material from founder Bill Bright to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Holy Spirit Resource Kit

Explore the truth of the Spirit-filled life with resources on how to be filled with, walk with, and experience the Holy Spirit.

How to Steward Our Time

Being a good steward of our time is not just about the activities in our schedule. It’s also about having unified, encouraging relationships with other believers and a worshipful posture toward the Lord, no matter what we are doing.

How to Be Filled With the Holy Spirit

It has been said that the Christian life is not difficult—it is impossible when living it in our own strength. Jesus desires to live His life in and through us by the power of His indwelling Holy Spirit.

Reaching Your World Series

Use this 10-day content to explore what it looks like to be filled with the spirit and being a multiplying disciple.

Be Filled Series

Use this 8-day content to explore what it looks like to be filled with the spirit.

Being Spirit-Led

Use this 7-day campaign to explore what it means to be “Spirit-led” in today’s world.

The Missing Part of Ministry

A man in Slovakia learned one simple truth about God that changed his whole life.


What a scuba lesson can teach you about the Holy Spirit

The Process of How We Grow

When it comes to spiritual growth, what’s God’s part and what’s mine?” For lack of knowledge, Christians seem to fall off on either side of this horse. On the one side, God does all of the work; on the other, we reduce our faith to nothing more than discipline.

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