Operation Jabez 2019

Che Soljon, Melvin Yubal, Wel Lana

Two months before the Holy Week, PCCC FB page was flooded with slogans like "Make Your Summer Count", "The Ultimate Travel Goals", "Here I am Lord, Send Me" to pique interest and challenge everyone to join Operation Jabez 2019.

The creatives paid off as 707 CCC missionaries, alumni, disciples and partners went to the islands of Visayas, driven by Jabez' prayer "Oh, that You would bless me indeed and expand my territory..."

Here are a few of those life-changing stories we chose to tell of God's working in the Visayas.


Gospel in Lego - OJ Tagbilaran, Bohol

Surprising that night only kids showed up to watch the Jesus Film.  Prompted by his parents, Malaya, an 8-year old son of one of PCCC missionaries, stood up and shared the gospel, in a very fascinating way, through Lego blocks!  He had shared the gospel to a small group a year ago in Hinoba-an but this would be different because of a much larger crowd. Mustering all courage, he shared the gospel using the Lego blocks. Dakila, his younger brother helped by holding up the pieces high enough for everyone to see. Ariel, one of the teammates translated what Malaya said in Cebuano.


"Tok-hanged" by Christ - OJ Daang Bantayan, Cebu

While waiting for a bible study appointment with the three teenagers he shared the gospel with the day before, Alex Cave met the father of the two kids. He learned that he was a ‘tokhang’ surrenderee.  He then asked the pastor who accompanied him to share the gospel with the father (surenderee) since he only speaks pure Cebuano.

The next day, Ivan & Jaja Gubuan, PCCC missionaries who were also on Alex’s team waited for the baranggay councilor who watched the Jesus Film the night before. A woman informed them that they’ve got the wrong house.  Jaja decided to share the gospel to her.  As it turned out, the woman is the wife of the tokhang surrenderee!  It meant one thing:  in that afternoon, the whole family heard the gospel shared in three different places by three different people!

The following day, during a follow up bible study with the father, Ivan learned that the pastor was not able to finish the gospel presentation. So Ivan led him in prayer to receive Christ as his personal Lord and Savior and the assurance of his salvation.


Changed to Change - OJ San Miguel, Iloilo

Mr. and Mrs. Tamayo are parents of two OJ trainees. The couple visited their children on the last day of the training. Though they are devoted members of their church, they are not believers yet.  During the triad practice, one of the trainees shared the gospel to the couple as part of the exercise.  Soon after, Mr. Tamayo narrated that it was his first time to hear the gospel clearly and was given the opportunity to receive Christ which he did.

Because of that encounter with Jesus he became so excited and asked for a copy of the 4SL booklet so he can practice sharing it with others.  Later that afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Tamayo went out with the OJ delegates to share their new found faith to others. Smiles were written all over their faces when they return to the church sharing that it feels so good to share Jesus. Their simple visit turned into a transforming encounter with Christ and them equipped for discipleship. Mr. Tamayo is a captain of a ship. Bringing bibles and booklets, he plans to navigate the seas inspired to bring the gospel to foreign shores.


Not a Single Church - OJ Sagbayan and Dagohoy, Bohol

What irony! In this part of Bohol not a single church exists yet there is a Bible School. Jomari, a PCCC missionary was contacted by One Way Outreach (OWO), a Christian ministry and partner of PCCC to conduct Operation Jabez because of the need to plant churches. 

When they met with him, Jomari asked the pastor and workers of OWO, “Why do you think there is a Bible school here yet there is not a single church?”.

The question made the group really think hard.  It sparked a fire in their hearts to repent and do something about it. They committed themselves to reach the barangays of Sagbayan and Dagohoy using the Jesus Film.

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