From Bolo to Bible

Willy and Condrada Mojado have been separated for quite some time.  Because of her husband’s drinking problem Condrada left him. Once drunk, Willy would threaten to kill Conrada and their neighbors.  When the Mojado’s house was destroyed by typhoon Yolanda, they were one of the recipients of a house from an NGO. Willy was convinced Conrada would return home because of the new house. But Conrada didn’t. When Willy transferred to the new house, she repaired their old house and lived there instead.  During an Operation Jabez mission outreach a team from our Global Church Ministry (GCM) went Samar and Leyte and was assigned to work with a church in barangay Merida where the Mojado couple are residing.

In one of the Jesus Film showings, both Willy and Condrada were there. That night both accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and started attending follow-up bible studies though separately. Aware of their situation the church prayed for their reconciliation.

God changed Willy. The community saw the remarkable transformation in his life. He stopped drinking and read the Bible faithfully. He began sharing his faith too. But these did not convince Condrada to reconcile with him. Condrada even joked, “pag may abuhan na, uuwi ako sa kanya” (only a new kitchen can make me live in that house). The OJ team and the men in the church went to work and built a dirty kitchen for them! When Conrada saw the effort of everyone she had a change of heart. A year later she and Willy stood before the church congregation to renew their vows.

Instead of a bolo, Willy now brings a Bible. Their home has become the place for bible studies and other church activities. Truly when someone becomes a Christian he becomes a brand new person, he is not the same anymore, a new life has begun ! (2 Cor. 5:17)

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