International Christian Schools

Priority Locations for Cru Staff Teachers

Cru is seeking small teams of teachers for International Internships assignment to these 2 priority schools with Cru students.

Grace International School

  • Description: Cultivating students of Christian character and values who strive for excellence in all areas of life.
  • Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Website: http://www.gisthailand.org/
  • Contact Info: recruit@gisthailand.org
  • Current Needs: See website

International Christian School of Budapest

  • Description: The International Christian School of Budapest (ICSB) serves children of missionary families, as well as Hungarian and international students by providing an education in English for grades K-12, preparing students for entrance into North American colleges and universities.
  • Location: Budapest, Hungary
  • Website: http://www.icsbudapest.org/
  • Contact Info: recruiter@icsbudapest.org
  • Current Needs: See website

Additional Locations for Cru Staff Teachers

Cru is seeking committed teachers for individual assignment to these schools with Cru students.

Bucharest Christian Academy

Christian Academy in Japan

  • Description: A K-12 school established in 1950 to provide Christ-centered education to the children of evangelical missionaries.
  • Location: Japan
  • Website: www.caj.or.jp
  • Contact Info: http://caj.or.jp/employment/
  • Current Needs: See website

Faith Academy

  • Description: An international Christian school (K-12) serving missionary families representing approximately fifty mission agencies in southeast Asia.
  • Location: Manila and Mindanao, Philippines
  • Website: http://www.faith.edu.ph/
  • Contact Info: personnel@faith.edu.ph
  • Current Needs: See website

GDQ School

  • Description: GDQ is a K-12 international Christian school. An interim director is in place for the 2017 to 2018 year, but a new long-term director is needed from 2018.
  • Location: Tirana, Albania
  • Website: http://www.gdqschool.org/
  • Contact Info:
  • Current Needs: See website

Hinkson Academy

Description: HCA exists to assist missionary families by educating and training their children in a Christian atmosphere thereby enabling them to develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially in order to serve God and man with excellence and integrity.

International Education Services

  • Description: IES is an international school of about 240 students in grades K-12 representing over 10 countries whose purpose is to serve families on the field.
  • Location: Eurasia
  • Website: http://www.teachingadventure.org/
  • Contact Info: recruit2teach@gmail.com
  • Current Needs: See website

International School in the Caucasus

  • Description: An international educational center with students from many countries. Classes offered from K-12.
  • Location: secure location
  • Website: none
  • Contact Info: carecruitingaz@gmail.com
  • Current Needs: Headmaster/Principal, Teachers for K-12

Kiev Christian Academy (KCA)

  • Description: Established in 1993 by Cru staff serving in Kiev, Ukraine, KCA is a K-12 school for the children of missionaries from over 20 agencies. KCA is accredited by ACSI and has strong academic, athletic, and fine arts programs
  • Location: Capital city of Ukraine, Kiev
  • Website: www.kca.org.ua
  • Contact Info: office@kca.org.ua
  • Current Needs: See website

Closed Country

  • Description: Elementary through High School
  • Location: secure location
  • Website: please email
  • Contact Info: dkbrecruiting@gmail.com
  • Current Needs: please email

Puebla Christian School

  • Description: An English speaking school serving 1st-12th grade with a purpose to educate missionary students and prepare them to continue their education after high school in the United States. The school is instrumental in attracting and retaining missionary families to Puebla and PCS teachers are essential to the development of these students.
  • Location: Puebla, Mexico
  • Website: www.pueblachristianschool.org
  • Contact Info: pueblachristianschool@gmail.com
  • Current Needs: See website

Tien Shan International School

Additional Resources

Association of Christian Schools International

  • Description: The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) strives to enable and equip Christian educators and schools worldwide to effectively educated children and young people with the mind of Christ.
  • Location: Various
  • Website: http://www.acsi.org/
  • Current Needs: See website

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