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When you don’t speak their language

August 7, 2015

Do you have a smartphone?

If so, you have access to one of the most powerful evangelistic tools available – the Jesus Film App.

It can be installed on your phone or tablet, and features nearly 1,200 translations of the JESUS Film.

To download it, simply go to the app store feature on your device and type “Jesus Film Media” into the search engine. The first app to pop up should be what you’re looking for. Click the install button, wait a few moments, and voila, you’re good to go!

Imagine yourself at a restaurant. You learn that your waiter is from Malawi.

“I have some films in Malawi languages on my phone, you tell him. You then access Malawi using the map feature on the app.

The waiter immediately sees his first language – Chichewa.

“That’s my language!”

Click on the Jesus Film, and show him a clip. The waiter is quite pleased to hear his first language.

“How can i get this for myself?”

“If I may have your email, I can send you the link.”

“Of course!”

Now further conversations about the gospel can take place.

Or, here’s another scenario.

A woman visits a seamstress from Quebec, Canada. They strike up a conversation, and it turns to spiritual matters. The seamstress has heard about Jesus, but knows little of his story.

“I have this mini-series called Rivka; it’s all about Jesus and how he affects our lives. And it’s been translated into French. May I email it to you?”

Now, more spiritual conversations can take place between the two women.

Or, here’s a third scenario.

You’re headed to India on a short-term missions trip and you’d love to have “Following Jesus India” and other resources accessible on your tablet.

Simply go to the map feature and click on the pin over India to find the appropriate translations. Seriously?! 124 available languages? Where to start?

Well, how about starting with the most prevalent languages? Use the “popular” list to download as many versions as your tablet can hold.

Once you reach your destination, you won’t need additional cellular or other Internet connections to show the films.

The options are limitless.

Share your faith with your friends, neighbors, taxi driver, co-workers, anyone!

The world needs to hear about Jesus. And now, by God’s grace, you can tell them, with one click of a button.

God wants us to share His message to the ends of the earth! Sharing your faith is a small thing you can do that can make...

Posted by The JESUS Film Project on Friday, July 24, 2015

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