Why these women struggled to be Christians

Julie and her new friends in Uganda.

For Julie Bainard, helping students visualize the power of God to transform both individual lives and a nation is a primary reason she traveled to Uganda to invest in students.

Talking with three Ugandan girls, Paula, Francie and Olivia, Julie was reminded of the power believers possess through the Holy Spirit to live the Christian life.

On campus that day, these girls explained to Julie while they were “born-again Christians,” they found being a Christian hard. They admitted they often fail morally. Julie asked if they understood the role of the Holy Spirit.

The girls shared a basic answer but were unsure how to allow God’s Spirit to empower them. They did not know that He helps and guides us on a daily basis.

So Julie shared with them the life-changing concepts of the Spirit-Filled Life from a short outline. Afterwards, Paula exclaimed,

“This is exactly what I want! All my friends need to hear this!”

Paula, Francie, and Olivia began to imagine how different Uganda could be if all those who claim to be Christians lived a life empowered by God’s Spirit.

Five minutes later, Paula put her dream into action. When two friends stopped by, she jumped at the opportunity and opened up the booklet on the Spirit-Filled Life, sharing it with them right there.

Do you find being a Christian hard? It is. Actually, it is impossible apart from the Holy Spirit's help. 

You can read now what those three girls found so amazing and life changing.

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