30 Week Coaching Plan

Week 16-30

There are many perspectives, tools, and ministry functions that you have trained your disciples in so far last semester. Here are six important factors to consider as you head into your next 15 weeks of training:

  1. Once you have trained your disciples in any specific ministry activity, this does not mean it has been perfected. You will need to do some of the trainings every semester for maximum retention and proficiency. Each time you repeat a training, do so a little differently, using a new format, and ask other penetrating questions. Be creative. You want your disciples to become experts in the essential foundational things:

    1. Having solid consistent devotionals
    2. Always being Spirit-filled and living pure lives
    3. Praying for themselves, others but especially the campus or their ministry environment regularly 
    4. They can share their faith anywhere, anytime, using any tool, because they fully understand and have internalized the key points of the gospel message. Always start with the “Knowing God Personally” booklet as your foundation
    5. They are confident in leading solid Bible studies by choosing and asking the right questions, and build close personal relationships.
  2. Remember, each semester/term you are adding new people to the ministry who have not done the training yet. Ask your current disciples to do the trainings with these new people. This is about multiplying your ministry. You model the ministry so others will imitate you. That is where the rubber meets the road.

  3. Already stated in number 1. above, take your disciples out witnessing at least once every week. As much as you can, make this a habit and a regular activity. Tell your disciples if they don’t lead the way, no one will.

  4. Add many new tools to your disciples experience so they have multiple ways to share the gospel. Try Solarium one week, followed by the EveryStudent.com site, God-tools, Perspective cards, “Sometime” questions, short videos on the Jesus film app, and several other tools, speakers, debates and activities.

  5. Be predictable in much of what you do. When your disciples know you’re going to ask them certain questions each week, those are the things they will be thinking about and practicing.

  6. Finally, using the model of the first 15 weeks of trainings, come up with your own trainings for weeks 16-30. You don’t have to re-invent everything, just use the pattern you’ve already been using to add and modify as needed. Your training will always include repetition, review, and reminders, but keep it as fresh as you can.


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