30 Week Coaching Plan

Week 11

  1. How was your devotional time last week? Share your recent personal devotional.

  2. Ask how they are doing at applying all aspects of the Spirit Filled Life this week. Review main points of the booklet again.

  3. Are you praying for the campus? Challenge them to try a different way of praying through prayer walk, campus prayer meeting, journaling, in your bible studies, and more.

  4. Ask how sharing the KGP and using a new tool went last week. Review points in the KGP and Big Six. Keep testing their proficiency and understanding. Make sure they really know the Gospel message – don’t give the benefit of the doubt – ask.

  5. Train in using another tool to continue sharing their faith.
    App Tools

  6. Talk this week about the importance of developing close relationships, having parties and special social events with the people in their movement. People will come to their meetings because they’re coming to see their friends:
    Building Community in Your Small Group


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