30 Week Coaching Plan

Week 1

  1. Be sure that you carefully filter the new leaders for your ministry. Ask them how they came to know Christ and how they heard about Cru. Get to know them and ask them to help you understand their campus environment (decode the campus).

  2. Ask if they’re walking closely with God. What are they doing for personal devotions? Have them pick out a book of the Bible they want to cover, or devotional guide this week, and use these principles on Effective Devotionals:
    7 Steps to Improve Your Bible Study

  3. Are you praying for the campus, not just personal requests, but for the campus specifically and intentionally:
    Praying for the Lost
    Preperation 3: Prayer Walking
    Emphasis on Prayer

  4. Have them fill out “Signing up the Key Student Leader”. Specifically Kit B, Files 6-8:
    Student Launching a Ministry: Starter Kit

  5. Also look at and discuss Kit A, File 5.  Starter Kit B all files. Starter Kit C, files 14-15

  6. Don’t take any shortcuts, this is important so that you do not run into problems later. Once they fill out or sign these sheets and email back to you, carefully review and prepare for week #2.

  7. End your time in prayer – do this for every appointment.

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Week 2

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