How can we help you bring the transforming love of Jesus to those around you?

We want to see everyone find their place in God's story

Who is my Neighbor?

When asked that question, Jesus chose a radically different definition of neighbor – it was a definition defined by approach, not proximity; by care, not commonality – a neighbor is someone willing to make the journey with someone else. 

It is a journey to engage the curious and equip followers so that everyone finds their place in God’s story.  Who are you journeying with? How can we help live out your place in God’s story in your own network of communities?  (Check it out in Luke 10:25 – 37)

Serving your neighbor

We want to reflect Jesus together for the good of the city. Learn how to bring the transforming love of Jesus to the whole city through relationships, innovative approaches and partnerships.

Work Place Community

Integrating faith and work to minister to business leaders

Community​ Partners

Learn how to partner with others in your community in order to bring the transforming love of Jesus to everyone.


Find ways to partner with others to seek restoration for those often pushed into the margins unseen.

Neighborhood and Family​

Resources for you to bring the transforming love of Jesus to those families, marriages and those in your neighborhood.

The opportunity to put resources quickly and easily into the hands of our most innovative, and experienced missionaries as they find new ways to bring the Good news of Jesus to those around them.


Let us help you find your impact

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