Everyone has a place in God’s story.

Cru City exists to engage the curious and equip the follower so that everyone finds their place in God’s story. Wherever you are, whatever your passion you can be a part of uniquely restoring every community by the Gospel.

Through 20-something groups, neighborhood and workplace ministry, serving in prisons, welcoming refugees, empowering artists, or through Global missions Cru City wants to journey together.

Become A Leader of Impact

For marketplace leaders around the world, LeaderImpact groups are built on the community and bond that forms when leaders come together with intention. LeaderImpact’s group leaders are volunteer marketplace leaders with a track record of success living out LeaderImpact’s core values of real relationships, uncommon opportunities, changed lives. In a group you will experience growth personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Neighbor Bible Studies 2GO

NBS2Go is here to equip and encourage you to reach the people around you.

Our unique 2GO Bible Studies in 41 languages are easy to facilitate with neighbors, co-workers, friends or family.

Sent 6:7

This 11-week training for Church leaders is hosted by Church Movements and mobilizes and equips leaders for missional living. The training includes ongoing peer-coaching circles with other leaders for development and missional effectiveness.

Are you a 20-something?

Embark can help you connect with like-minded people in your city and discover how to walk with God amidst the complexities of the city.

Impact the World

How do we best take the love of Jesus to the world today?

The gospel has advanced around the world, and the world has changed. Where we once arrived as missionaries to bring the gospel, we now arrive to find thriving local churches. While having a global impact once required moving to a community for many years, short trips and digital connections allow for impact without relocation. 

As we think of global missions today, we have to wonder–how can we leverage the presence of growing national churches around a shrinking world as we seek to get the love of Jesus to more and more people in more and more places?

Relationship: We go by growing in relationship with those we are learning from and serving, whether on the other end of the plane ride or video call.

Humility: We go humbly in order to develop genuine relationships–ones where we give and receive, bless and are blessed.

Service: We go to serve the established national church–or to help establish a national church–in countries we go to.

More opportunities

Develop A Micro Testimony

Use this resource to remember how God is moving in your life today, and be empowered to help others thrive by sharing that good news in a simple caring way.

Are You an Artist or Emerging Artist?

Cru Arts and Culture is a growing collective of emerging and experienced artists from various artistic expressions. 

This collective is passionate about developing our creative work as well as meeting and journeying with artists around the country.

Military: Serving Those Who Serve

How is God calling you to serve the military? Together we can see this community grow so that everyone in the global military community knows someone who truly follows Jesus.