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We seek to develop new projects that inspire, challenge and bring good news. Our work helps build relationships in local communities and around the globe.

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Cru Arts & Culture offers a space to experience agape-love, shalom, respect, forgiveness and struggle.

We work to create and develop new artistic projects as we meet and journey together with artists both locally and around the world. We encourage collaboration with artists from various backgrounds and are particularly interested in highlighting emerging artists and giving them an opportunity to develop their work.

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We highlight the work of emerging artists and give diverse opportunities to develop relationships and connections.

Through the internship program, we help emerging artists better understand and live out the integration of art and faith.

Through the residency with Transform, we seek to catapult emerging artists to the next phase in pursuing a professional career in their particular creative industry either the visual or performing arts.

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Mary Beth Minnis

Mary Beth Minnis

A friend’s story brought Mary Beth into the world of documentary filmmaking. What started with a desire to tell that story, became a true passion for her. Mary Beth has worked on several feature length and short documentaries including producing Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story  with Director Jacob Hamilton and executive producing the documentary alongside Steph Curry. In 2018, Mary Beth produced Unforgivable with Director/Producer Giosue Petrone which made its world premiere in Florence, Italy, its African premiere at the Kigali Convention Center in Rwanda and its US premiere at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City. 

In 2016, Mary Beth associate produced Mama Rwanda with Director Laura Waters Hinson, which chronicles two Rwandan women entrepreneurs who prevailed over extreme poverty in the shadow of genocide. In 2015, Mary Beth associate produced Imba Means Sing with Director Danielle Bernstein and Producer Erin Bernhardt. In 2013, Mary Beth produced Return to Mogadishu: Remembering Black Hawk Down with Director Matt Knighton, which documents Army Best Ranger Jeff Struecker’s first trip back to the scene of the Battle of Mogadishu since the firefight twenty years ago.

In 2021, Mary Beth executive produced REFUGE with Director/Producers Erin Bernhardt and Din Blankenship. 

Most recently, Rasool Berry invited Mary Beth to work alongside him on Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom, a feature length documentary directed by Ya’Ke Smith and produced by Our Daily Bread Voices Collection. She is also an Executive Producer on the accompanying soundtrack: Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom (original motion picture soundtrack).

Mary Beth is thrilled to have been a part of presenting these films to audiences around the world. While she appreciates the glowing receptions of the documentaries and the international attention they have received, it is the sparking of hope and the beginning of important conversations with life-changing consequences that keeps Mary Beth in the documentary film world.